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Re-opening Safety Office Protocol

1) Limiting Exams per hour – We will have a maximum of 1 patient per hour with the doctor, to ensure a thorough cleaning can be done after each exam.

2)Limiting the Number of patients- We will be limiting the number of patients to adhere with the CDC social distancing guidelines.

3)Patient Intake forms- Will be filled on our website and brought in completed prior to our appointment.

4)Temperature check- We will check temperature sign a non contact thermometer and take temperatures of everyone who enters the location, anyone with a fever will be rescheduled .

5)Protective Equipment and Cleaning supplies- Masks and gloves will be used for the doctor and associates, patients will be supplied gloves for frame selection , and disinfectant wipes will be used regularly.

6)Cleaning of Equipment and Surfaces- All equipment and surfaces will be cleaned after each exam and throughout the day.

7)Frame Selection safety- Sanitized trays will be provided for patients to place frame selections. Our associates will disinfect all of our frames.

8) Hand hygiene- Our associates will thoroughly wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds after each patient interaction. Hand sanitizer is also available for each patient to utilize.

9) Social Distancing – We ask associates and patients to observe a minimum of 6 feet social distancing whenever possible.

10) Contact Lens Exam- We will not be offering new contact lens fittings at this time in order to minimize exposure risk and physical contact.